Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apple Muffin Cake (TWD)

It's been weeks since my last blog post... I've been horribly sick for the last five (yes, five!) weeks and the last few were particularly terrible. I got a cold that turned into walking pneumonia and I didn't have the energy to do anything. I'm still playing catch up with my life but I finally managed to get some baking done. Too bad I'm still behind. I made Katrina's Tuesdays with Dorie (TWD) pick from October 4th finally - Apple Muffin Cake.  It was very moist but kind of plain, I thought... but it was pretty great with some caramel sauce drizzled on top :)

....and then I wanted to make the ginger jazzed brownies that were yesterday's TWD pick, but I ran out of butter! I never run out of butter! I usually try to keep the house well stocked with butter, sugar, eggs, and flour but what with being sick and all I haven't been keeping track of things so well. I hope to make those tomorrow and post them soon, so stay tuned. 

I also have a few more giveaways lined up, just have to get some time to sit down and write those posts! So if you haven't already, become a fan of my blog on Facebook so you don't miss those giveaway announcements!

* Recipe notes:
- I baked my cake in a 9 inch pan instead of an 8 inch pan and it was done at 20 minutes.

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  1. sorry you were so ill--that sounds dreadful! the opposite of dreadful, though, is this cake--lovely work!