Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Choco-Ginger Crackles (TWD)

This week's Tuesdays with Dorie (TWD) recipe was chosen by the group's founder, Laurie of Slush, and Jules of Someone's In The Kitchen: Midnight Crackles. These are chocolate cookies spiced with cinnamon and cloves, named for their dark color and the crackles that form along the top when they are done. I decided to go with one of Dorie's variations and made the Choco-ginger Crackles. I replaced the cinnamon and cloves with ground ginger and added candied/crystallized ginger pieces.

These cookies were very easy to make, and I definitely liked biting into the bits of ginger. My husband thought the ginger flavor in these was too strong, but he's not a big ginger person to begin with. I didn't find the ginger flavor overwhelming at all. However, I'm just not a chocolate cookie person in general. So while I enjoyed these cookies I probably won't be making them again.

Thanks Laurie and Jules, for hosting this week.  I can't believe I've been baking along with the group for three years now!!! Looking forward to baking along in 2011 :)

If you would like the recipe, you can find it here. Make sure you check out the TWD Blogroll, to see how everyone else enjoyed these chocolatey treats!

* Recipe notes:
- I used semisweet chocolate instead of bittersweet chocolate.
- I used 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger in place of the cinnamon and cloves.
- I used 2 tablespoons of diced candied/crystallized ginger in place of the chopped stem ginger that Dorie recommends. 
- I refrigerated my dough for one hour, and still had to let is sit on the counter for a little bit before I was able to roll it into balls.
- My cookies were done in 9-10 minutes.
- Wrapped airtight, these cookies will keep in the freezer for up to 2 months.
- For more recipe tips, click here


  1. I am so glad you liked them Jaime. Thank YOU for baking along with us for 3 years. MUAH

  2. Too bad you didn't love them, but they look great!

  3. Hi Jaime,

    Another great recepe.this Christmas i received the book of Dorie "Baking..." and i'm crazy about it...i've already donne two recepes, some cookies with carrot and a loaf with chocolat...
    These cookies i must try...



  4. I love the idea of chocolate combined with ginger! And these are just so beautiful :)


  5. Yum! I adore ginger and chocolate, yet I rarely make it! I need to use it more!
    Also, have I told you how much I adore the little recipe notes you write on each post? is perfect and so helpful! thanks!

    -Amalia http://buttersweetmelody.wordpress.com

  6. I was curious about the chocolate-ginger version but not brave enough to try it since I wanted my husband to eat the cookies and he doesn't love ginger. Glad you enjoyed them even if you don't generally dig chocolate cookies. Love that top photo!