Saturday, September 8, 2007

There's no such thing as too much chocolate!

Today is our 2nd anniversary! I can't believe it's already been 2 years since we tied the knot in Hawai'i :) What I would give to be back in Hawai'i right now, enjoying the breezy weather and beautiful beaches!

So for our 2nd anniversary my husband gave me a huge ninety-eight piece box of my favorite chocolates from Woodhouse Chocolate, a small chocolatier in Napa Valley, CA.

I first discovered these chocolates a few years ago when I received my first box for my birthday from my college friend Joy. Since then, I cannot get enough of them... and ask for them on every special occasion :) They have a large assortment of chocolates with wonderful flavors; here are descriptions of just a few:
  • Quatre Epices: milk chocolate ganache spiced with black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, enrobed in a layer of dark chocolate topped with a rectangle of white chocolate
  • Thai Ginger: dark chocolate ganache infused with coconut and lemongrass surrounding a piece of crystallized ginger, covered in dark chocolate
  • Honey: a milk chocolate honey butter mousse, in a dark chocolate shell dusted with gold
  • Pistachio: a layer of pistachio gianduja with caramelized almonds topped with a pistachio cream, bathed in dark chocolate
Their assortment is great, but in general I prefer their white chocolates so that's what he got me for our anniversary. Some of my favorites:

Brown Butter Ganache:
a creamy ganache of milk chocolate and browned butter, coated in white chocolate

Champagne Truffle: white chocolate ganache with a splash of Grande Champagne Cognac, surrounded by white chocolate

Passion Fruit: a white chocolate ganache exploding
with passion fruit, covered in white chocolate

And my absolute favorite, Bananas Foster: fresh cream whipped with butter and rum flambeed bananas accompanies a layer of brown sugar caramel, in a white chocolate shell

So, as we celebrate our 2nd anniversary and look forward to many more, I have the pleasure of indulging in ninety-eight little pieces of heaven :)

And what did I get him for our anniversary? Well, there's no such thing as too much chocolate in this household :) He loves chocolate as much as I do, but he's trying to watch his weight right now. So I knew I didn't want to blow his diet by giving him a bunch of sweets. Instead, I gave him a small box of truffles from Noka Chocolate and we're going to go shopping for a new watch together.

Noka Chocolate was ranked #1 luxury chocolate in the world by the food editors of TASTE. This year, it received the distinction of being rated the best chocolate in the United States in Nikkei, the world's largest business daily newspaper.

The Grand Cru Collection™ is an exclusive offering of the finest, single-estate dark chocolate truffles. Handcrafted with rare, single-estate dark chocolate (min. 75% cacao) and fresh organic cream, each one-of-a-kind delicacy is an exploration through the finest cacao regions in the world: Venezuela, Ecuador, Trinidad and Côte d'Ivoire.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Cheers to many more :) Oh dear though, 98 pieces of chocolate -- you're the only person I know who could handle such a daunting task! Good luck!!!!

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Those look fabulous~ enjoy the chocolates and your happy day!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Mmmm, chocolate!! =)